Each piece of Drift jewellery is made by me, using sea glass I find along the coastlines of Suffolk, Spain and The Isles of Scilly, combined with semi-precious stones, precious metals, silk and leather.

A love of natural forms means that all my designs take their lead from the varied sizes and sculptural shapes of the sea glass that I find. Each piece is carefully selected, lightly tumbled and then drilled by hand before being worked into a piece of jewellery. Colours vary, mainly featuring appropriately the colours of the sea – luminous whites, greens and blues, that were probably once part of a wine, ale or ink bottle; through to the rarer purples and pinks that perhaps come from perfume or medicine bottles. Whatever its age and origin, sea glass began its journey from something that was once discarded, maybe hundreds of years ago or only last summer. So there is a real pleasure in collecting and recycling it into beautiful and wearable pieces. Pieces that in time may become increasingly rare, as the growing use of plastic containers makes sea glass harder to find.

I started Drift in 2007 after moving to Tarifa, on the Costa de la Luz of Spain, a place renowned for its beautiful unspoiled beaches and formidable Levante wind. Here, following a career in journalism and public relations, I found the time and inspiration to start making jewellery. I now live back in the UK, close to the Suffolk coast, and continue to make and develop my collection which I sell through a growing number of private clients, select stockists and the internet. I very much hope you enjoy browsing the website. Fiona Petheram

About Drift Jewellery

Photo: Alun Callender / Country Living Magazine